Philippa Johnson & Lord Louis

“Before going into the ring is not such a problem because once I’m on my horse and warming up I’m in my bubble, it’s beforehand that’s my biggest problem trying not to psych myself out. What I did before Hong Kong when the pressure was really high was try remind myself that I have no control over what my competitors do or how they ride, all I can do is what is in my power. I can make sure that both my horse and I are at our best, fit and healthy and then to try to ride the best test possible!”

South Africa

Philippa Johnson became the first
South African rider to win gold at a
Paralympic Games when she claimed
first place in the mixed dressage championship
IV event at the 2008 Games in Beijing

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Rio2016-Paralympic Games - Phillipa Johnson

Paralympic Games Rio 2016

"Don’t allow anyone to put limits on your dreams"

~ Philippa Johnson