Danny started riding at age 14 and went on to turn his hobby into his job! He completed his 3 year study as farrier in Belgium. He started his apprenticeship with Jan Bocken ( considered one of the best farriers in Europe) in his 2nd year of study. To this day 10 years later he still dedicates 1 day a week to travelling around with Jan to help, watch and learn!


For Danny the most important thing is to deal with every horse as an individualand needs to be treated as one, first watch how the horse steps and go on from there. The function of the horse is also very important, what is the horse used for: dressage, show jumping, eventing, driving, recreation etc how you shoe a horse will very much depend on it’s function. It is also important that the farrier has open communication with the whole team, as each person will notice or feel something different. There is a famous saying: No foot, no horse!