Elisha (left) and Werner (center)

Veterinary practice De Vos is a family business located in Londerzeel, Belgium. Werner and Elisha De Vos, father and daughter both veterinarians specializing in holistic medicine. Werner graduated from Ghent university in 1981 and Elisha in 2015 from the same university. Werner gradually became more and more interested in alternative therapies and took several courses in acupuncture and Chinese herbs, as the IVAS acupuncture course .  Keeping the horses in perfect condition to ensure healthy and optimal performances is our main goal. To accomplish that we don’t only use conventional medicine, but also homeopathic remedies and herbs.  We also perform acupuncture treatments. As so we try to keep the horse in perfect balance to help the rider because a well balanced and straight horse is the key to execute the dressage exercises.    We are very proud to be part of Phillipa’s team

My preference for treating myself and my animals has always been to go the homeopathic route. That been said I am also a true believer that there is a time and place for convensional medicine, in a perfect work you get the two worlds to work together and then you have the best of the best!