Lord - Louis

Lord Louis

We have been looking for a second competition horse for quite a while now.
When competing at this level you really need a back up horse,
God forbid anything should go wrong with your competition horse.
But being an Olympic year plus just normal day to day things that
to be done we, 
Chris and I, have been to busy to be actively looking.
So Chris had put the word out that if anyone found anything 
please to let us know.
 We had been to see some very nice horses but
there was never the click. 
Until Matty Marissink sent a video through to Chris.
I think within 5 minutes we both knew we had found the horse that 
we had
been looking for!
Lord Louis came to us in May 2012, 
he is a 7 year old Westphalian gelding,
chestnut with four white legs which drives my trainer, 
Chris mad because
he thinks they are bad luck!
Luckily on the other side of the scale I have my dad who’s best horse
 he ever
rode was a chestnut with four white legs and it is still 
to this day my dad’s
dream horse!!
He is an absolute pleasure this horse,
 he has the sweetest kindest temperament
and a load of work ethic. 
We still have a lot to learn but if we get it right,
we will fly!!!