Robyn is Auatrialian but moved to Belgium in 2007 although she had been working in Europe since 2000. A lot of people have never heard about an Osteopath especially in South Africa very little is known about them and trying to explain exactly what they do and how they do it is not easy. I asked Robyn to explain it as best she could:


“ The strength of Osteopathy is in it’s diagnostic skills, every person or animal is taken as an individual, no two people or animals are the same. We don’t seperate systems eg. Circulation, skeletal or muscular our aim is to try assist the body to function healthily as a whole. Due to the education we receive ranging from anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and embryology etc we are given many tools and techniques to be able to choose from when treating an individual!”


Robyn started as my Osteopath and as pay back I gave her a riding lesson on my darling Benedict. It only took about 5 min for the horse bug to bite and from there she went on to study Equine Osteopathy and now has the unique ability to be able to treat both horse and rider. We do a lot of work together, Robyn finds the weak points in horse and rider and then I assist on the ground with lessons helping to strengthen both parties!

Robyn treating Verdi